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The News Tribune broke a story on Gary Probst today, a driving school mogul. Apparently, Mr. Probst has been anything but a good educator.

At Probst’s schools, hundreds of students never spent four supervised hours behind the wheel, as state rules require. Some students skipped classes, but still got credit for attending. They didn’t complete all their required drives, but their teachers signed forms saying otherwise.

Instead of learning in supervised, hourlong drives, students have driven their teachers to fast-food joints to pick up orders of cashew chicken, and watched Cheech and Chong movies in class. They’ve been taught how to beat a traffic ticket, and told it’s OK to park in a disabled parking space if they keep the motor running. Some haven’t learned parallel parking, because their teachers don’t know how to do it.

The students that graduate from Probst’s driving schools have failed more driver’s exams, gotten more tickets, and gotten into more accidents than students of other driving schools. Poor driver’s education is a problem that affects everyone. Poor education leads to poor drivers and more accidents involving innocent victims. Driver’s education courses that charge hundreds of dollars in tuition should be strictly regulated.

If you have been injured by a bad driver, you should contact a personal injury attorney regarding your legal rights.

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