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If you are injured in an accident, you may receive a quick offer from an insurance company. Often, the offer will be an easy $500.00. Many people snatch up the $500.00, only to find that several weeks later they are still aching, still unable to move their neck, and still in pain. They may need physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, or worse, they may need surgery. When they call the insurance company to tell them about this, the insurance company simply says “sorry, you already settled your claim in full for $500.00”. You already signed a release in full.

Insurance companies love paying you an early $500.00 if it gets them out of paying for a $50,000.00 back surgery down the line. In fact, insurance companies are launching a new site called The new site will allow you to log on and settle your claim quickly online. At first, the settlement amounts will be reasonable. You see, the insurance companies want word to spread that a “fair” settlement can be obtained without an attorney. As word spreads, and more and more people settle their own claims, the amounts of the settlements will be reduced. As people keep going to the site, the lower and lower settlements keep more money in the insurers pockets, and not in yours. For more information on this site, click here.

Personal injury attorneys protect your rights. If a low offer is made to you, an attorney will let you know that it is a bad offer. An attorney will obtain a fair settlement for you or they will present your case to a jury and let the jury decide what is fair, not the insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters work to protect the insurer’s money, not you.

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