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Working Together for Workplace Safety

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According to the Tacoma Daily Index, an organized group of small business owners will be working with government regulators to create a safer workplace. The business owners will have a chance to correct any violations within thirty days with no penalties.

Participating businesses will work with NFIB/Washington state to create a written safety plan, then they will have to conduct a self-audit that identifies specific steps required to bring their companies in compliance with WISHA. After completing their audit, businesses will have to complete their training and worksite changes identified in the audit. At the end of that process, they will receive their ‘Certificate of Completion,’ and for a 12-month period if WISHA conducts an inspection and violations are still found, businesses will have their penalties reduced if they make a correction or an abatement of the violation within 30 days.

Given the number of construction accidents reported lately, this type of arrangement seems like a step in the right direction. Small business owners are taking positive steps towards increasing workplace safety.