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Tacoma Power Utility Worker Fatally Injured by Downed Pole

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Barry Kensrud was severely injured in an accident that happened while he was attempting to cut through a downed power pole in order to get to a tree felled in the recent storms. Sadly, he died of his injuries Tuesday.

It is not entirely clear how the accident happened. The Department of Labor & Industries is investigating. Apparently Mr. Kensrud was cutting through the pole to access the tree when communication cables under the pole slackened and caused the pole to strike him.

Donations to assist the Kensrud family can be made at Columbia Bank under the name “IBEW Barry Kensrud Donation Account c/o Alice Phillips.”

Injured workers’ legal remedies are not necessarily limited to workers’ compensation benefits for injury or death. Sometimes workers have “third-party” claims against persons or companies who do not employ the worker but whose negligent acts contributed to the accident. It is not clear whether such claims exist in this particular case, but it is something to be kept in mind when evaluating claims arising from construction accidents.

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