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Fusarium Keratitis – Dangerous Eye Infection

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Everybody is talking about Fusarium Keratitis - but what is it? The American Optometric Association provides some insight. The symptoms of Fusarium Keratitis include:

-Blurred Vision
-Red and painful eye that does not improve when the contact lens is removed
-Increased sensitivity to light
-Excessive tearing or discharge

We have been following this story for a few weeks now.

Attorney Joseph Saunders in Florida, recently posted about Bausch and Lomb’s lack of response regarding the danger of their ReNu product line. Apparently, the danger was recognized as early as 2005. For more information on Bausch and Lomb’s lack of response, you should also see my earlier post on this topic, “Fungal Eye Infections Linked to Bausch & Lomb”.

Recently, Bausch and Lomb has pulled the products from American shelves. If you are a contact lens wearer and have contracted Fusarium Keratitis, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately.