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Two Teenagers Hit By Out-of-Control ATV

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On Saturday night the driver of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), K.C. Sanchez, 32, lost control and hit two teenage boys on skateboards.

The driver of the ATV was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center with a serious head injury; the passenger on the ATV was also injured and was transported to Capital Medical Center.

The skateboarders hit by the ATV were transported to Providence St. Peter Hospital with potentially serious injuries, according to the police.

The Washington legislature has codified (made into law) the “rules of the road”. The rules of the road have a special application to pedestrians, skateboarders and bicyclists. Firms within the network have handled cases involving all of these groups in addition to persons injured in run of the mill car accidents.

For more information on this subject matter, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.