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Schools Held Accountable in Discrimination Suit

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A class action discrimination suit against a central Washington school district by Latino parents went to the U.S. District Court in Spokane. The parents alleged that the school district was discriminating against their children based on their race and that their civil rights were being violated.

In a landmark agreement, the Washington school district agreed to meet the demands of the parents who filed the class action lawsuit. The agreement, which will be written and signed in November 2006, will include monetary damages and a variety of measures implemented by the school system to help prevent future discrimination of Latinos.

An article on spokesmanreview.com detailed the changes that the court will ensure are implemented in the Brewster school district:

Among the changes, the school district must establish an office of minority affairs to investigate allegations of discrimination and racial harassment, implement a multiracial panel to assess and prevent discrimination in athletic programs and collaborate with an organized group of Latino parents and educators on curriculum that exposes all students to Latino culture.