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Pool Safety Questioned in Woman's Drowning

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Candice Green was learning how to swim at the Tukwila Pool when–for reasons which are not entirely clear–she drowned in the deep end. Ms. Green’s family says she was a beginning swimmer who wanted to learn how to swim for her upcoming honeymoon in Mexico.

The article indicates she was swimming alone with some type of a weight. The City notes that at least three lifeguards were on duty and that all protcols were followed.

It’s very difficult to say who, if anyone, is legally responsible for this tragedy. However, pool safety is subject to many rules, standards and customs that many people don’t know about. These include proper instruction as well as appropriate oversight and lifeguard qualification and training. If Ms. Green’s family asserts claims arising out of her death they would do well to consult with an attorney who can retain a qualified pool safety expert to evaluate the case.

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