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Cascade Plane Crash Kills 10–Highlights Need for Vicitims' Families to Retain Separate Counsel

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All 10 bodies of the passengers aboard the plane that crashed Sunday night in the Cascades have been found. The place was traveling from Star, Idaho to Shelton, Washington and crashed en route, about 25 miles southeast of Mount Rainer.

Rescue teams were able to locate the crash site through the reports of a hunter who had seen the plane fly low over him and then heard the crash, and by following the smell of fuel. Radar information indicates that the plane crashed while traveling at about 70 mph in a steep nosedive. The cause of the crash remains unknown.

Plane crashes are dramatic, oftentimes tragic and involve a host of complex factual and legal issues. Sometimes the crash is truly an accident and not the fault of any person or organization. However, sometimes accidents are caused by the actions of a person or organization, including pilot error, mechanical problems, negligence, poor construction or maintenance of the aircraft, or miscommunication between the pilot and the airport control tower.

It’s important for injured persons and families of those who lost their lives to engage competent personal injury counsel as soon as possible. And because there may be competing interests amongst the injured persons it’s best if each affected person has his or her own attorney.

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