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Bausch & Lomb Pulls Product Permanently

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You may have seen Bausch & Lomb’s CEO Ron Zarelli on TV lately. Ron tells consumers that Bausch & Lomb has pulled its “ReNu Moisture Lock Plus” solution from shelves permanently. He indicates that the link between Fusarium Keratitis and the Bausch and Lomb product cannot be disproved. Ron is pretty vague about this…

He does mention Bausch & Lomb’s new “Wear & Care” program. The program is designed,

To make it easier and more convenient for you to follow a healthy lens care routine, Bausch & Lomb has created the Wear&Care program.

They are also offering a free bottle of the Multiplus solution.

Reports indicate that the fusarium keratitis link has hit Bausch & Lomb hard. News reports also indicate that Bausch & Lomb waited a full three days after knowing about the link before pulling its dangerous product from shelves. Those who have contracted the dangerous infection are outraged.

If you have been injured by using Bausch & Lomb’s dangerous product, you should consult with an attorney immediately.