Tacoma, Washington


Ryan Nute

Falling Wall Injures Construction Workers in Bremerton

An 8-foot wall at a residential construction site fell last Monday, injuring two workers. The second-story wall apparently fell when the supporting jacks slipped.The accident occurred in the 10200 block of Central Valley Road NW at about 10 a.m. Two workers crawled out from under the wall and a third was pulled out by fire crews. The injured workers were transported to Harrison Medical Center…

Shannon Weidemann

US Airways Sued By Union Over Wages

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has filed a lawsuit against the US Airways Group Inc. over wages. According to the union some of their workers are not getting the higher wages that they should have received when US Airways and America West merged. They said they had an agreement with the airline in the case that it was bought.The company, which was in…

Ryan Nute

Tacoma Power Utility Worker Fatally Injured by Downed Pole

Barry Kensrud was severely injured in an accident that happened while he was attempting to cut through a downed power pole in order to get to a tree felled in the recent storms. Sadly, he died of his injuries Tuesday.It is not entirely clear how the accident happened. The Department of Labor & Industries is investigating. Apparently Mr. Kensrud was cutting through the pole to access the tree…

Mike Myers

Fatality in Boston's Big Dig

On Monday, a thirty – eight year old woman was killed in one of Boston’s “big dig” tunnels. According to the Washington Post, at least 12 tons of concrete fell on the woman’s car. Her husband was driving and survived with minor injuries. The woman was seated on the passenger side and was crushed when the concrete collapsed. The couple had been on the way to the airport to pick up family…

Mike Myers

Working Together for Workplace Safety

According to the Tacoma Daily Index, an organized group of small business owners will be working with government regulators to create a safer workplace. The business owners will have a chance to correct any violations within thirty days with no penalties.Participating businesses will work with NFIB/Washington state to create a written safety plan, then they will have to conduct a self-audit…

Mike Myers

Construction Scaffolding Fails, Kills Three

According to the Tacoma News Tribune,A 10-ton construction platform collapsed and crashed 13 stories onto a busy downtown street Monday, killing three people and crushing cars stopped in midday traffic. Witnesses described hearing a rumble, then the crash of scaffolding that kicked up metal, dust and boards on Boylston Street, which runs along the south side of Boston Common.Construction…

Mike Myers

Crane topples on Tacoma Narrows Bridge

According to The News Tribune of Tacoma, Washington, a large crane toppled over on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge this morning. See the details surrounding this construction accident.Unfortunately, construction accidents are a way of life for the American worker. Luckily, no one was injured in the Tacoma crane incident. Cranes, lifts, ladders, and scaffolding all present hazards to construction…

Mike Myers

Construction Accidents Up In Arizona

Andrew Defusco in Phoenix has a great post about the state of Arizona surpassing their previous record for construction site deaths in 2005. Andrew offers an astute observation about the state’s rise in construction accidents:We are still in a boom market for the construction industry, with everything from residential, commercial and industrial construction projects on the rise. With increased…