Tacoma, Washington


Mike Myers

"Nursing Home" Falls–Response Times and Call Buttons

We have a case that involves a resident’s fall at a (physical) rehabilitation center and, unfortunately, the resident’s ultimate below knee amputation. The basis of the claim is that the…

Ryan Nute

Suit Filed Against McKenna Nursing Home

The Nisqually Valley Care Center in McKenna, Washington is being sued by the daughter of a resident (Florence Pierpoint, 79) who reportedly died after being given a morphine overdose when staff did not follow her doctor’s instructions about pain medication.While prosecutors declined to file criminal charges, the nursing home received a citation in connection with her death because the staff…

Shannon Weidemann

California Nursing Home Sued for Abuse

Pleasant Care Convalescent of Riverside is being sued by the family of a former resident for abuse they allege happened there. The resident was given physical therapy for 10 days for knee pain when in fact she has a broken hip and required surgery. While at the hospital for treatment is was found she had other signs of poor care, including bed sores.”It’s our theory that they’re understaffed -…