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Mike Myers

Is My Case Going to Court?

Court Rule 3 deals with commencement of a civil action. (Personal injury cases are civil actions.) The text of the Rule reads:

(a) Methods. Except as provided in rule 4.1, a civil action is …

Mike Myers

Rules of the Road

Liability in motor vehicle accidents is frequently determined based on application of the rules of the road. Determining liability inclusions between vessels (for collisions between vessels and…

Mike Myers

…And a Bottle of Rum

There is a strong historical connection between alcohol and boats. It started with ancient seafarers and has continued to modern day.

While drinking and driving has a significant stigma…

Mike Myers

Slip and Fall Cases in Parking Garages

Slip and fall cases – particularly slip and fall cases in parking garages – find plaintiffs caught between the wolves and the sea. The bigger the slippery surface, the more forceful the…

Mike Myers

Duty of Care on Board Holland America

A lot of people go on cruises over the holidays. Many of these people will cruise on Holland America. Holland America is one of the “high end” cruise lines.

Passengers develop the…

Mike Myers

Servers and Bartenders Underpaid–Pooled Tips Partially to Blame

We are seeing more and more cases involving unpaid wages. Along those lines an interesting case out of Texas called Bernal v. Vankar Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. Bernal worked at a series of Texas bars….

Mike Myers

Foreseeability and Medical Negligence Redux–Holland America on the Hook

I received a comment from a local emergency room physician about the scope of foreseeability (espeically as it pertained to medical negligence).
The basic rule of liability for harm resulting from…

Mike Myers

Medical Negligence in Port–Holland America May be Responsible

We recently communicated with a family who suffered a tragedy. Their mother slipped and fell on a Holland America vessel. Treatement was provided at a hospital located at the next port city….

Mike Myers

Nursing Home Outreach

I recently read that there are over three million elderly people residing in nursing homes in the United States. Alarmingly, twenty-five percent of them are neglected or abused.  Medicare…

Mike Myers

Strict Liability for Dog Bites in Washington–Law and Perversion

The Revised Code of Washington has an entire chapter devoted to dog bites.  Lawmakers drafted a statute imposing strict liability on the owner of a dog that bites and injures someone.  The statute…