Tacoma, Washington


Ryan Nute

Court Records Being Opened in King County

As you may know from Sunday’s Seattle Times article, a “new day” has dawned in the King County Superior Court system. Now litigants will find it much more challenging to seal their court records without due regard for the public’s interest in access to such records.The Seattle Times hired the local firm Davis Wright Tremaine to challenge orders in several cases closing off court records to…

Ryan Nute

Increasing Concern Over Sealed Files

As you may know, the Seattle Times has been investigating a number of instances where it claims judges improperly sealed files in a number of medical malpractice and other court cases.There is often tension between litigants’ desire to keep court records out of the public eye and the fact that our court system is the “third branch” of government whose records are public. Plaintiffs often face…

Staff Writer

Unusual Medical Malpractice Settlement Revealed

The court file for an unusual medical malpractice lawsuit involving hereditary cancer was unsealed recently, revealing a $1.6 million settlement in 2001. The case involved the family of a University of Washington nurse who died of ovarian cancer, leaving behind a husband and daughter. The medical malpractice lawsuit said that doctors should have warned the woman that her ovaries should be…