Tacoma, Washington


Mike Myers

Kearney Case Catalyzes Public Outrage About Hit and Run Collisions

Hit and run collisions seem to increase this time of year. It gets dark earlier and the rain makes it difficult to see pedestrians. It makes sense that the number of accidents increases. But weather…

Mike Myers

The Intersection Between Rights and Responsibilities – The Left Hand Turn

Many motor vehicle accidents start with a left hand turn. Most car versus motorcycle and car versus bicycle accidents find their genesis in left hand turns.

In fact, left hand turns are…

Mike Myers

Persistence and Private Trials

We recently represented a young man who was struck by a car and broke his leg. The accident happened while he was in a crosswalk.
The at-fault driver’s liability carrier initially contested…

Mike Myers

Slick Roads in Bellingham: Tanker Truck Leaks Petroleum from Grandview Drive to Alger

At least ten accidents snarled Interstate 5 on Halloween. Troopers suspect that a tanker truck from a local refinery leaking oil on the southbound lanes of the Interstate as it drove through…

Mike Myers

Tragedy in Thurston County–Marysville Redux for Cable Median Barriers?

Sorrow in Thurston County this weekend. As reported in part by the Mason County Daily News:

Two people were killed on Interstate 5 at Milepost 88 in Thurston County today after a passenger…

Mike Myers

Hit and Run Accidents–What You Need to Know

Hit and run accidents are covered under your UIM policy. (UIM policy uses the term "phantom driver".) But you have to satisfy sever requirements in order to recover benefits. 1. You have to…

Mike Myers

Multiple Policies…Multiple Limits?

I met recently with a client who had separate policies for each of his vehicles.  His insurance agent submitted PIP and UIM claims under only one of the policies.  I suggested that UIM and PIP…

Mike Myers

Personal Injury Protection–Coverage for Injured Pedestrians

A lot of people think that PIP (Personal Injury Protection) only provides benefits if they are involved in an accident while driving their own cars.  Fortunately the coverage is much broader and…

Mike Myers

Pet Injured in Head on Crash

More and more people are driving with pets in their cars. That means more and more pets are being injured in motor vehicle accidents. A poodle riding in a pickup truck was seriously injured when a driver traveling the opposite direction on State Route 515 crossed the center line and hit the pickup head on. The pickup driver, a 48-year old woman from Kent, and her passenger, a 49-year old man…

Ryan Nute

I Got Doored!

It’s one of the commuting cyclist’s perils. You’re riding on the shoulder past parked cars when all of a sudden someone opens their car door, leaving you the choice of (a) crashing into said door or (b) veering left into traffic. Quite the “Hobson’s Choice” (that is, no choice at all).Did you ever wonder whether drivers have a legal duty to look before opening their doors? Well, they do. And…