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Shane Wyrsch Killed by Drunk and Unlicensed Driver

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I don’t know why I am surprised when I read stories like this, but I am. A convicted felon is accused of driving drunk without a valid license in connection with a head-on collision on Highway 410 near Buckley, Washington. Mr. Wyrsch, a Forest Service law enforcement officer, was killed.

Kenneth Clark, the defendant, apparently crossed the center line and struck Mr. Wyrsch’s vehicle. The accident was witnessed by an off-duty state trooper who saw Clark swerve twice into the shoulder before going into oncoming traffic.

It’s frustrating to know that this could happen to anyone and there’s almost nothing you can do about it. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Wyrsch’s family can be fully compensated monetarily for their loss. Hopefully the criminal courts can provide the justice his family deserves.

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