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Persistence and Private Trials

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We recently represented a young man who was struck by a car and broke his leg. The accident happened while he was in a crosswalk.

The at-fault driver’s liability carrier initially contested liability and refused to pay its limits. Eventually it capitulated.

Then his own UIM carrier claimed that the case was probably not worth what we recovered from the at-fault driver and it wouldn’t pay anything. Eventually it made some nominal offers. Fortunately our client had a great constitution and the offers were declined.

We eventually set the matter for a private trial. We put on approximately five witnesses. The injured client, his girlfriend and his mother all testified about the broken leg and its impact on his life.

An award of $260,000 was entered. The amount was over two and a half times the value originally ascribed by the insurance company. It shows that persistence pays off and that experienced counsel should always be retained even if you’re dealing with your own insurance company.