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Mother Crashes Car, Son Dies–Son's Estate has Claim Against Mother

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A recent story in the news caught my attention. It detailed the facts surrounding Debra Whalawitsa’s sentence of 90 days home detention for leaving the scene of the car crash that killed her son.

Ms. Whalawitsa explained that she suffered a concussion in the accident and wasn’t thinking clearly. Concusions and other closed head injuries are frequently overlooked even by trained ER doctors and nurses.

Also overlooked with some frequency is the fact that family members–even parents and children–have claims against one another when a motor vehicle is negligently operated and someone gets hurt. A lot of people think that daughters can’t sue fathers or nephews can’t sue aunts.

This kind of thinking is incorrect and is probably (directly or indirectly) encouraged by the insurance industry. Family members can pursue claims against one another for injuries and failing to do so helps no one but the shareholders of companies like Allstate and State Farm.

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