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Danger on the Side of the Road

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The Tacoma News Tribune reported an accident involving a box truck, a trooper, and the person the trooper had pulled over.

The accident happened this morning on State Route 512. Apparently the truck lost control and swerved to the right shoulder of the highway. Unfortunately, there happened to be a trooper issuing a ticket to a woman in a minivan there.
According to the News Tribune,

The trooper was on the passenger side of the minivan giving a woman a ticket when a furniture delivery truck lost control and hit the minivan and him.

Parts of his motorcycle were splattered all over the highway.

Being pulled over can be very dangerous, for you and for the trooper pulling you over. A highway shoulder is not a safe place. You should be extremely cautious when being pulled to the side of a road. Many accidents happen in this fashion. In this case, the truck driver was likely negligent. If you have been injured in an accident like this, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately.